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Medicare Billing & Compliance Service

Over the years we’ve heard consistent feedback from our Podiatric customers and colleagues regarding the tediousness and burdensome nature of gathering and organizing the paperwork required by Medicare. Now we have a complete, full-service solution. Learn more!

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Medicare Reimbursement Rates
Medicare Billing & Compliance Service

Medicare Billing & Compliance Packets

We have semi-automated documentation packets provided at no charge. We have separate documentation packets based on your account type and the types of inserts you are dispensing.


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DPM Packets

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DME Packets

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2021 Medicare Reimbursement Rates






 $  148.04

 $  147.74

 $        0.30


 $     60.38

 $     60.26

 $        0.12


 $     90.10

 $     89.92

 $        0.18


  Shoes w/ 3 pairs of HM

 $  329.18

 $  328.52

 $        0.66

  Shoes w/ 3 pairs of CI

 $  418.34

 $  417.50

 $        0.84

The CMS full fee schedules are linked here.

L3010, L3020, L5000 Reimbursements


resource center

Find anything and everything you need in Anodyne's resource center. From Medicare billing and compliance packets to order forms, this is your one stop shop.

Resource Center

PDAC letters

PDAC letters for each pair of shoes, boots and inserts may be found in our resource center. If you have absolutely any questions regarding our PDAC letters, please contact us!

PDAC Letters

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