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Shoes for Heel Pain

Heel pain is a common condition that can be caused by a variety of factors, including injury, overuse, and underlying medical conditions. Learn about the causes, treatments, shoe/insert accommodations, and recommended shoe styles for heel pain.

Shoe Accommodations

Here are some shoe accommodations that can help with heel pain:

    • Arch support: Our shoes relieve stress on the plantar fascia, reducing heel pain.
    • Cushioning: Enjoy shock absorption and reduced stress on heel bones for enhanced comfort.
    • Wide width: Alleviate pressure with our medium, wide, and extra-wide orthopedic shoes.
    • Extra depth: Prevent toe curling and discomfort with our shoes' ample depth for natural toe


Insert Accommodations

    • Arch support: Our insoles offer robust arch support, promoting foot alignment and reducing heel stress.
    • Offload Heels: Targeting the painful heel area, our insoles provide additional cushioning, easing discomfort during movement.


If you are unsure about whether or not your symptoms require medical attention, please consult your foot doctor.


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Top Women's Styles for Heel Pain

No. 47 - Trail Runner Black

No. 47 - Trail Runner

No. 19 - Casual Mary Jane Cognac

No. 19 - Casual Mary Jane

No. 23 - Sport Runner White-Blue

No. 23 - Sport Runner


Top Men's Styles for Heel Pain

No. 50 - Sport Trainer Grey

No. 50 - Sport Trainer

No. 28 - Casual Oxford Brown

No. 28 - Casual Oxford

No. 22 - Sport Runner Red-Black

No. 22 - Sport Runner