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Shoes for Hammertoes

A hammertoe is a condition in which the toe joints bend and become permanently flexed, resembling a hammer. Learn about the causes, treatments, shoe/insert accommodations, and recommended shoe styles for hammertoes.

Shoe Accommodations

    • Wide toe box: Our shoes feature a wide toe box to prevent toe rubbing and allow for natural toe spreading in hammertoe sufferers.
    • Soft, flexible uppers: Crafted with soft, flexible uppers, our shoes ensure natural toe movement, preventing pinching.
    • Low heels: Our shoes are designed with low heels, reducing stress on toes and feet, ideal for hammertoe relief.
    • Cushioned insoles: Our shoes boast cushioned insoles, absorbing shock and alleviating pain associated with hammertoes.
    • Toe spacers: We incorporate toe spacers to maintain toe alignment, offering relief and comfort for hammertoe.


Insert Accommodations

    • Offload Distals: Our insoles excel in offloading areas of pressure, crucial for preventing and healing ulcers.
    • Sulcus length: Our orthotics feature an optimal sulcus length, distributing pressure evenly, offering comfort and support for those with increased pressure needs.


If you are unsure about whether or not your symptoms require medical attention, please consult your foot doctor.


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Top Women's Styles for Hammertoes

No. 47 - Trail Runner Black

No. 47 - Trail Runner

No. 27 - Casual Sneaker White

No. 27 - Casual Sneaker

No. 23 - Sport Runner Teal-Lime

No. 23 - Sport Runner


Top Men's Styles for Hammertoes

No. 90 - Trail Worker Oil Black

No. 90 - Trail Worker

No. 38 - Sport Walker White

No. 38 - Sport Walker

No. 16 Sport Sprinter

No. 16 - Sport Sprinter