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Shoes for Bunions

A bunion is a painful bony bump that forms on the joint at the base of the big toe. It is often caused by a misalignment of the bones in the foot. Learn about the causes, treatments, shoe/insert accommodations, and recommended shoe styles for bunions.

Shoe Accommodations

    • Wide toe box: Our styles feature a spacious toe box, preventing toe rubbing and irritation, crucial for bunion relief.
    • Wide width: Accommodates bunion-induced foot widening, ensuring optimal comfort and fit.
    • Low heel: Minimizes stress on the big toe joint, offering relief from bunion pain with a comfortable, low-profile heel.
    • Arch support: Our shoes provide excellent arch support, reducing fatigue and discomfort associated with bunions.
    • Proper fit: Ensures shoes fit correctly to avoid exacerbating bunion development, promoting foot health and comfort.
    • Activity management: Minimize stress on feet by avoiding prolonged standing or walking, allowing for necessary rest breaks.
    • Weight Management: Aids in reducing stress on feet, mitigating bunion discomfort and lowering the risk of further complications.
    • Foot Stretching: Enhances flexibility and diminishes bunion pain through regular foot stretching exercises, promoting overall foot health.


Insert Accommodations

    • Offload Mets (1st Rey): Offloading the affected aspects of the 1st digit can help alleviate some of the painful areas caused by bunions.


If you are unsure about whether or not your symptoms require medical attention, please consult your foot doctor.


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Top Women's Styles for Bunions

No. 27 - Casual Sneaker White

No. 27 - Casual Sneaker

No. 11 - Sport Trainer Black-Grey

No. 11 - Sport Trainer

No. 93 - Casual Sneaker Black

No. 93 - Casual Sneaker


Top Men's Styles for Bunions

No. 16 - Sport Sprinter Black

No. 16 - Sport Sprinter

No. 44 - Trail Walker Stone

No. 44 - Trail Walker

No. 12 - Casual Oxford Black

No. 12 - Casual Oxford